Holio U Nice Blonde

If you are into blondes with nice tits then you just have no excuses not to knock in the room 69 of Holio University Dorm today because here you will meet fresh girl who is in to hip-hop and (at least there are such rumors around) indeed very great at providing oral jobs! But is it true or not you'll need to determine by yourself and for that you will have to make her interested enough to assist you through conversation (in which you will need to choose proper pickup lines) and also minigame (nicely, in which you want to play a quest-like minigame) components. The more lucky you will be in both of these the more kinky things you'll be able to do with this sexy blondie at the last portion of the game. And ofcourse don't leave behind to check our website to other sexy gals from this sequence! Play now »