Walking Beauty

"Walking Beauty" is quite obsolete game however this doesn't change the simple fact that it is not just sensual but also just a bit mad! It is created in arcade genre and it will lightly take more than one or even two attempts from you to try to beat it. Are you ready to test your skills and love some crazy sensual at the identical moment? Then hit the commence button! The idea of the game sounds quite plain - you need to help the main heroine to get thru obstacles' point. There will be a few things whichyou ought to avoid (like large skulls of course) and a few things to collect (such as playoboy bunny logos for instance). Additionally there'll be avialably the skills to hop over barriers (use A button or A perfect arrow to do the lengthy jump) and even to take (use S button). Collecting bonuses will also allow you to unlock sexy pictures on the perfect side of the display... but only in case you will manage to survive long enough since the number of attempts is limited with only three of them. Play now »


Our protagonist is quite rich but due to that quite engaged person so no wonder that he has to use the assistance of maids from time to time. And even tho he has a wifey now this old custom hasn't vanished and really quite opposite - his own wife does not mind to employ maids to do the house work. But it happens that she picks the uber-cute appearing maids so that as our hero comes home after hard day and has to loosen the maid has got yet another occupation added to her to do list and this kind of task can be done just in bedroom... Quite kinky yet nevertheless realistic adventure at which you will take the major role and learn more about the sexual secrets of a wealthy family. Complete the gameplay is not hard and you won't be receiving dirtacted from wonderful hentai contents too much. Enjoy! Play now »

Map strip

Two hot and huge-titted geography schoolteachers are offering you to play an interesting game. They want to prepare you for the geography exam in a really unusual manner. And I am positive you will prefer this way of prepping for the examination. So the goal of the game is extremely elementary. The professor will ask you questions relating to geography. For example, ask to demonstrate wherever China or even Indonesia. You must click the map on which the nations are . If you gave the correct response then the schoolteacher will undress. If you answer all the questions then you will see the educator fully naked. Following that, you will have the ability to pick another instructor who'll ask you difficult questions... Play now »