Naive patient

If for some reasons you always desired to become the gynecology medic then this game might help you. And if you wanted to be a gynecology therapist only to fuck your patients then this game is probably the only thing that might help you with that sans any consequences! Hence that the day starts and in your office you are welcoming fresh patient who is one buxom and fit looking blonde named Molly. She has some issues that she'll let you know about but since you will shortly notice she isn't too brainy person. So try using this circumstance and persuade her that her poblem is easy to solve by having certain kind of hook-up with proper person (which is obvioulsy her doc ! )) . And be certain that since you are currently playing with a manga porn game the trick will work! Play now »

Dirty Ernie Show Ep. 4

"Dirty Ernie Show" is really a set of animated stories that has both funny and hot minutes and according to that writers are calling it as"first on the planet interactive adult sitcom". It is a little bit too noisy statement but it actually has sitcom structure and it has few moments when your choice will define the rest of the story shown in each sequence so overall this statement is not far form the truth. Each epsiode will soon be revolving about Ernie - maybe perhaps not the most pleasing old man who happened to invest the majority of his time in the hospital recently so he uses each and every chance to have fun around... and having close a hot nurse and gross nurse who have some type of competition in receiving attention kind sexy dude working here's something that will provide him with these opportunites a great deal! Play now »