Umichan Maiko: Savor the Moment

Do you enjoy hot hairstyles with huge breasts? Then this game is especially for you! Umi Maiko suddenly realized that being a extremely popular girl, she doesn't understand how to swim! But everybody knows that all popular women will swim! So the buddies of Maiko chose to correct it and instruct her how to swim. Now Maiko will need to climb into a swimsuit with her big breasts, regardless of how the swimsuit seems to be too small for her, and through it her nipples are visible. But it doesn't frighten young allure because from the pool all of them are alone and no men, right? Inside this fun visual novel, you have to complete all the tasks, learn how to swim, speak with your buddies, resolve problems and overcome difficulties together! The game has several endings and a great deal of mini-games, interesting game mechanics, amazing images in scrapbooking style and superior sound. And the chief aspect of this game is the very first person view - you will look at everything occurring through the eyes of the main character for a complete immersion in the narrative!

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